Do you want to participate in 13festivalen 6-8 January 2022?

About the festival.

13festivalen is a platform for performance art where the live encounter between viewers, artists and works are in focus. By interpreting the term 'performance' in the widest sense and welcoming artists from all background and with a diverse range of practices, we want to challenge the traditional idea about “live art”. The festival combines artists working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally within the field. The festival takes an inclusive approach and allows professionals to interact with students and visual artists, musicians, dancers and actors to appear on the same stage. Gathering around a shared interest in the performative we hope to generate cross disciplinary experiences and discussions. Attaching a great importance to providing a meeting place for audiences and artists we will also be offering seminars and workshops. All works are documented and included in our expanding archive of current performance works. 

To apply, briefly describe your idea, location preferences (look at the map and overview of available spaces) and approximate length of your performance. Applications should be no longer than 2000 signs and we need it before the 31/8 2021.

We can offer the participants the following:
      1. All participants get their work documented.

      2.Free food and drinks will be provided for the duration of the festival.

      3. Free access to the seminars and to one of the two workshops.

      4. A fee of 700 Swedish crowns for each piece that are performed.

      5. We also have a  budget for travel and accommodation for artists who do not live in Gothenburg. 



Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. 

Aboute the Corona situation we will follow the rules given by the government, if there are still restrictions in january 2022. If it will be impossible to arrange the festival physically we will think about other solutions.

We are also looking for volunteers !!!

Sign up by mailing to trettonfestivalen@hotmail.com

Anna Carlson and Jill Lindström



Our spaces are:



Green room

Hous 8

Hous 10



The main gallery




The Bakery (a small divided gallery room)